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Nara Prefecture web site
Nara Prefectural New Public Hall
  Nara City Sightseeing Information Center

  Japan Atomic Energy Agency  
  ITER Organization
  Atomic Energy Society of Japan
  The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
  Tritium Science and Technology for Fusion Reactor

  American Nuclear Society
  European Nuclear Society
  Canadian Nuclear Society
  Korean Nuclear Society
  Chinese Nuclear Society
  Indian Nuclear Society
  Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, INC
  The Physical Society of Japan
  The Japan Society of Applied Physics
  The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
  The Chemical Society of Japan
  The Society of Chemical EngineersCJapan
  The Electrochemical Society of Japan
  Japan Radioisotope Association
  The Japan Insitute of Metals
  The Vacuum Society of Japan
  The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  Japan Health Physics Society
  The Laser Society of Japan
  The Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences
  The Japan Radiation Research Society
  The Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
  Japan Radiological Society
  Japanese Society Radiological Technology
  The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
  Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management
  Japan Society of Energy and Resources
  The Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan

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