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Session 14 Fuel cycle (85min) S. Willms (Chair) 
9:10-9:50 M. Nishikawa
(Kyushu Unuv.)
Tritium balance in a DT fusion reactor
[Abstract], [Presentation]
9:50-10:15 G.N. Luo
Hydrogen isotopes and helium interactions with EAST plasma-facing materials
[Abstract], [Presentation]
10:15-10:40 S. Grünhagen
Analysis of hydrocarbons of the JET divertor cryogenic pump at the end of the carbon wall campaign using a micro gas chromatograph
[Abstract], [Presentation]

 Session 15 Blanket (80min) T. Terai (Chair)
11:00-11:20 K. Hashizume
(Kyushu Univ.)
Electromigration of tritium in V-4Cr-4Ti alloy
[Abstract], [Presentation]
11:20-11:40 X. Chen
Tritium activities on lithium ceramic breeder materials in CAEP
11:40-12:00 K. Tsuchiya
Study of tritium and helium release from irradiated lithium ceramics Li2TiO3
[Abstract], [Presentation]
12:00-12:20 Y. Hishinuma
Development of Er2O3 coating for hydrogen permeation barrier and electrical insulator through MOCVD process in an advanced breeding blanket
[Abstract], [Presentation]

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