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Session 1 ITER-1 (40min) T. Tanabe (Chair) 
10:20-11:00 M. Glugla
Review of the ITER deuterium / tritium fuel cycle systems
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 Session 2 ITER-2 (70min) S. Konishi (Chair)
11:20-11:50 C. Alejaldre
Safety approach to handle tritium in ITER fusion installation
[Abstract], [Presentation]
11:50-12:10 P. Cortes
Sensitivity studies on the accidental impact of 1 g of tritium for ITER site specific characteristics
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12:10-12:30 R. Hemsworth
A Neutral (tritium) beam injector for fuelling a fusion reactor
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Session 3 ITER-3 (120min) Ph. Guétat (Chair) 
13:50-14:10 A. Perevezentsev
Atmosphere detritiation as tritium confinement system at ITER
14:10-14:30 S. Beloglazov
Preliminary design of the ITER tokamak complex and hot cell facility detritiation systems
14:30-14:50 M. Benchikhoune
Cleaning and decontamination methods in the ITER hot cell facility
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14:50-15:15 S. Rosanvallon
Management of tritium in ITER waste
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15:15-15:50 Discussion (Tritium in ITER)

Session 4 ICF (70min) T. Norimatsu (Chair) 
16:10-16:40 S.J. Brereton
First use of tritium at the National Ignition Facility
[Abstract], [Presentation]
16:40-17:00 O. Vincent-Viry
Tritium facilities for the LMJ cryogenic targets
17:00-17:20 W.T. Shmayda
(Univ. of Rochester)
Tritium in inertial fusion: extrapolation to ignition machines
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 Poster session 1
17:20-19:20 (120 min)
H. Tauchi and Y. Yamanishi (Chair)
1P01-01 T. Muranaka Variation of tritium concentration in coastal sea water collected along the pacific coast in Aomori prefecture
1P01-02 A. Golubev Build-up of organically-bound tritium in crops: experimental setup, sampling and measurement techniques and results analysis
1P01-03 V.Y. Korolevych Modelling and validation of OBT formation in tomato and potato plants
1P01-04 A. Tognelli Environmental tritium balance of the Valduc Centre for Nuclear Studies at the scale of a hydrogeologically closed system
1P01-05 L. Rodrigo Tritium emissions from a detritiation facility
1P01-06 H. Kido Atmospheric dispersion simulation system - tritium release
1P01-07 X. Lefebvre An innovative pathway for the limitation of gaseous tritium outgassing from fusion reactors waste drums
1P01-08 S. Kitabatake Tritium concentration in environmental samples around the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
1P04-01 S. Fukada Tritium transfer in porous concrete materials coated with hydrophobic paints
1P04-02 X. Yuan The pack-cementation process of iron-aluminide coating on china low activation martensitic and 316L austenitic stainless steel
1P04-03 H. Yamanishi Depth profile of tritium in concrete around a fusion device
1P04-04 E.A. Clark Effects of tritium gas exposure on polymers
1P04-05 Y. Iwai HTO contamination on polymeric materials
1P04-06 C. Hernandez Matter sampling, tritium removal, inventory and management with a versatile embedded system called LASK
1P04-07 K. Kobayashi Behavior of tritiated water on concrete materials
1P04-08 A. Lis Reduction of highly tritiated water on magnesium
1P04-09 J.E. Fair A model for removal of surface-bound tritium using humid air
1P04-10 Y. Torikai Interaction of gaseous tritium with copper
1P05-01 K. Kobayashi Detritiation behavior of HTO in a epoxy paint
1P05-02 K. Hara Oxidation of hydrogen over honeycomb catalysts under the presence of water vapor
1P05-03 K. Katayama Demonstration of tritium extraction from tritiated methane in helium by utilizing plasma decomposition
1P05-04 M. Tanaka Extraction of hydrogen and tritium using a high temperature type proton conductor for tritium monitor
1P05-05 A. Taguchi Tritium removal from tritiated water using mesoporous silica
1P05-06 M. Rozenkevich Catalysts for the oxidation of tritiated hydrogen
1P05-07 Y. Asakura Application of membrane dehumidifier for gaseous tritium recovery in LHD
1P05-08 - withdrawn
1P05-09 G.A. Morgan, Jr. Effect of impurities of on the performance of a Pd-Ag diffuser
1P05-10 J.E. Klein Isotopic exchange of a 1600 liter hydride storage vessel
1P05-11 W. Wu Experimental study on hydrogen isotope separation using twin-bed periodically counter-current flow technique
1P07-01 W. Zhao Alumina films prepared on iron-aluminide coatings by in-situ oxidation process
1P07-02 M. Saito Uptake and release of tritium by nickel
1P07-03 Y. Togashi Water vapor permeability of polypropylene
1P07-04 Y. Yamauchi Hydrogen isotope retention and desorption for tungsten during glow discharges
1P07-05 G.C. Staack The effect of gas impurities on low pressure hydride absorption measurements
1P07-06 J. Shi Tritium adsorption on tungsten with nano-morphology
1P07-07 L. Shi Preparation and thermal desorption properties of titanium–hydrogen-helium thin films
1P07-08 S. Kasahara A study on carbon and hydrogen transportation to exhaust systems and sticking behavior
1P07-09 M. Matsuyama Solubility of tritium in Cu-Be alloy
1P07-10 K. Zhang Phosphate/oxide multi-layer coating as tritium permeation barrier for ferritic steel
1P07-11 M. Shimada Overview of recent tritium experiments in TPE
1P07-12 K. Isobe Tritium distribution of tungsten exposed with low energy, high flux D plasma
1P07-13 Y. Ozeki Behavior of tritium in oxide film of stainless steel
1P07-14 K. Nishimura Absorption and desorption characteristics of hydrogen isotopes implanted into stainless steel by glow discharge and baking
1P07-15 J. Maisonneuve Molecular dynamics simulations on behavior of hydrogen isotopes interacting with vacancy-type defect clusters in bcc-Fe
1P07-16 S.K. Sharma Hydrogen permeation measurement in the spherical tokamak QUEST and its numerical modeling
1P07-17 H. Nakamura Hydrogen isotope interactions with graphite edge states
1P08-01 N. Baglan Contribution of elemental analysis and an UV-VIS spectrophotometry in the understanding of E-OBT elimination stage
1P08-02 T. Kawano Tritium water monitoring system based on CaF2 flow-cell detector
1P08-03 A. Kosmider Infrared spectroscopy in liquid hydrogen isotopologues for the ISS of ITER
1P08-04 S. Kim Observed and modelled tritium (HTO and OBT) in the wetland ecosystem in Duke Swamp near a nuclear waste management area
1P08-05 - Moved to oral presentation (Tuesday)
1P08-06 R. Wagner Improvement and characterization of small cross-piece tritium ionization chambers at the Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe
1P08-07 K. Zöllö A new method to measure small volumes for tritium handling facilities using p-V measurements
1P08-08 M. Schlösser Laser raman measurements on tritium mixtures and implications for the design of systems for tritium accountancy or process control applications
1P08-09 Y. Hatano Measurements of tritium concentration in solid and liquid by X-ray detection with imaging plates
1P08-10 Y. Kawamura Application of tritium monitor of BIXS use to hot environment
1P08-11 A. Provenzano Tritium analysis in polymeric samples utilising a Data Quality Objectives (DQO) sampling methodology to significantly reduce sample numbers from experimental polymer waste streams
1P08-12 A. Provenzano Design and performance of a novel large volume twin cell heat flow calorimeter for the measurement of tritium
1P09-01 A. Vitins Tritium release characteristics of neutron-irradiated reference beryllium pebbles for the helium cooled pebble bed (HCPB) blanket
1P09-02 K. Katekari Hydrogen isotopes recovery from liquid lithium under dynamic condition
1P09-03 I. Ricapito Tritium extraction from liquid PbLi: a critical review of candidate technologies for ITER and DEMO applications
1P09-04 - withdrawn
1P09-05 K. Ikuno Behavior of hydrogen isotopes in LiAlO2 containing radiation defects
1P09-06 I.B. Kupriyanov Tritium release behavior from neutron irradiated beryllium
1P09-07 L. Sedano Understanding and modeling tritium transport under irradiation at LIBRETTO-4 in-pile tests
1P09-08 L. Sedano Experimental determination of Sieverts´ constant and diffusivity values for H2 and D2 in Pb-Li eutectic
1P09-09 L. Sedano Towards QA specification of Li-Pb eutectic as nuclear material. Qualification of commercial and R&D material ingots
1P10-01 A.I. Markin Trtium registgration in the thermonulear reactor
1P10-02 A.I. Markin Modelling of optimum tritium storage conditions
1P10-03 J.E. Klein A normetex model 15 m3/hr water vapor pumping test
1P10-04 J.E. Klein A prototype four-inch short hydride (FISH) bed as a replacement tritium storage bed
1P10-05 I. Moysan New design of a reversible hydride storage vessel
1P10-06 A.I. Parracho Characterisation and optimisation of small molecular sieve beds in adsorption/desorption process of tritiated water
1P10-07 P.S. Blanton Development and use of a bulk tritium shipping package
1P10-08 S. Yun Regeneration rate study on the disproportionated ZrCo hydride material
1P10-09 M. Chang Performance test of pump combination between normetex scroll and MB 601 Pumps
1P10-10 H. Kang Rapid hydriding/dehydriding performance of the thin double layered annulus metal hydride bed
1P10-11 L. Sedano Development of PFD simulation tools for transient tritium transfers and system inventories modeling of HCLL TBMs and DEMO auxiliaries

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