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     The 9th International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology continues the long tradition of meetings covering all topics on tritium originally founded in 1980 in Dayton, Ohio.
     The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for an exchange of information on science, technology, engineering, and general experience in safe tritium handling for fusion, fission, pharmaceutical, and other isotopic applications for peaceful uses.
     This conference will offer a timely opportunity to discuss several recent international developments: commitments to incorporate tritium in large scale magnetic and inertial confinement fusion machines, renewed interest to mitigate tritium emissions in the fission power industry, and the expansion of the tritium handling industry.
     Tritium 2010 is intended to attract not only veteran tritium experts but also scientists, engineers and students who are new to the various fields of handling hydrogen isotopes.

     The fields of tritium conference include physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, fission and fusion technology, isotopic applications, etc. The topics related to tritium and hydrogen isotopes are following:

          1. Containment, safety, and environmental impact
          2. Decontamination and waste management
          3. Detritiation, purification, and isotopic separation
          4. Handling facilities
          5. Biological effects, Industr
ial and biomedical applications
          6. Interactions with materials
          7. Isotope effects
          8. Measurement, monitoring, and accountancy
          9. Processing, transport, and storage
          10. Tracer technique
          11. Others

     Papers accepted after usual review process will be published in a special volume of "Fusion Science and Technology".

     The working language for the TRITIUM 2010 is English.

First announcement
Call for paper
Abstract submission
Notification to authors
Early registration
May 1, 2009
October 1, 2009
Open from November 1, 2009
Due February 14, 2010 March 1, 2010
May 31, 2010 Jun 15, 2010
Due July 15, 2010 July 30, 2010

Due September 30, 2010 October 15, 2010

Chairman of the International Steering Committee
 S. Willms  LANL, USA    
  International Steering Committee
    R. Rabun
S. Gross
G. Marbach
J. Miller
A. Yukhimchuk
P. Zhao
FZK, Germany
CEA, France
AECL, Canada
RNFC, Russia
T. Tanabe
H. Takatsu
M. Glugla
W. Shmayda
M. Nishikawa
Kyushu Univ., Japan
JAEA, Japan
Univ. of Rochester, USA
Kyushu Univ., Japan

Chairman of the International Organizing Committee
 A. Komori  NIFS, Japan    
  International Steering Committee
    T. Tsunematsu
S.L. Milora
M. Nishikawa
G. Marbach
S. Gross
R. Maschuw
K.A. McCarthy
S. Sudo
S. Tanaka
K. Mima
M. Matsuyama
JAEA, Japan
Kyushu Univ., Japan
CEA, France
FZK, Germany
FZK, Germany
NIFS, Japan
Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Osaka Univ., Japan
Univ. of Toyama, Japan

N. Ogasawara
H. Takatsu
S. Shibuya
Y. Yonekura
N. Ishizuka
Y. Ohmomo
Y. Takahashi
M. Glugla
P. Garin
Gyung-Su LEE
Li Jiangang

NIST, Japan
JAEA, Japan
JAEA, Japan
NIRS, Japan
JAIF, Japan
IES, Japan
FEPC, Japan
NFRI, Korea
IPP CAS, China

Chairman of the National Organizing Committee
S. Tanaka  Univ. of Tokyo    
  National Organizing Committee
    K. Okuno
H. Yamada
T. Uda
H. Takatsu
T. Yamanishi
Y. Maruo
K. Sakai
T. Tanabe
N. Momoshima
T. Norimatsu
S. Konishi
I. Yamamoto
Shizuoka Univ.
Kyushu Univ.
Kyushu Univ.
Osaka Univ.
Kyoto Univ.

Nagoya Univ.
M. Matsuyama
H. Tauchi
H. Hashizume
T. Hino
T. Ido
A. Takita
T. Kato
K. Miura
Y. Asaoka
O. Kaneko
A. Sagara

Univ. of Toyama
Ibaraki Univ.
Tohoku Univ.
Hokkaido Univ.

Chairman of the Local Executive Committee
O. Kaneko NIFS, Japan    

Chairman of the Technical Program Committee
T. Tanabe Kyushu Univ., Japan    

Chairman of the Publication Committee
M. Matsuyama Univ. of Toyama, Japan    

     The conference will be held in Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, which was constructed in 1987 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Nara Prefecture. It is located in the center of Nara National Park, which is famous for its beauty and 1,200 tame deer. The Hall has an impressive Noh theatre, conference rooms, a reception hall and a spacious garden. 
      Detailed information of the venue, Nara Prefectural New Public Hall and Nara Prefecture, is available at thier web site.
Web site:
Nara Prefectural New Public Hall

Nara Prefecture

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